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The Health Shack is a sports fitness and training outfits and accessories store that is located on 247 West Broadway, Vancouver Canada. In the equipment and accessory sector, our store offers probably the best in a one top shop experience when it comes to anything sportswear, accessories, and overall health. Some of the attributes that work to build our reputation in regards to the above-mentioned major aspects lie in our commitment to provide comprehensive and inclusive shopping experience to our esteemed sports enthusiasts and professionals who have a chivalry for outstanding quality, all available accessories and the aspects of quality without compromise.

As a committed sports store, we do not just provide for the various kinds of sportswear; we are sensitive and conscious of the plight of our customers when it comes to health, fitness and sport. As such, we have made a further commitment to provide health solutions that range from muscle, cardiac, skin and joint solutions to ease, quell and eliminate pain and complications that result from the recreational sport and endurance training. Additionally, we care about the plight of our sports enthusiasts too, and we realize that in unforeseen situations, there may result in minor accidents and mishaps in the course of training and sports activity. We have thus come in handy to provide accessory solutions in such situations too.

Our commitment spans more than just the provision of sportswear and accessories. We have an utmost commitment to quality. In line with this, we have made it a responsibility pledge to our consumers that we will go a further step to ascertain that the quality aspects regarding comfort, class and durability of our wear products are the best that they can get. In line with this, we have collaborations with reputable sportswear and accessories providers in the US and other similar acclaimed providers that supply us with what we provide. As such, what we provide is the best that the consumer can find around.

Going further in line with our pledged commitment, we have made it our concern to provide a wide range of products concerning wear and accessories. Our line of products is thus wide and diverse, as best suited to the preference and choice of the customer. We provide not just variety, but also a line of unique products. We have established ourselves in this line in such a way that most of the products that we provide at our store are not available in any of the other stores elsewhere. From our special suppliers in the US and Sweden, we have also ventured into the area of specialization by proving custom made products that are best suited for the consumer's individual sports activity and unique manner of comfort.

It is crucial to mention that some of the specific areas of accessories and sports solutions that we have worked to offer so far. As a sports and body fitness store, the main areas that our line of products serves include fighting, cycling, yoga, bodybuilding and workout, health sports, just to mention a few. Our clothing accessories for this sport include a wide array of tank tops, jackets, hoodies, sweat and jersey pants that the consumer can choose from. We also offer food products that range from mineral supplements, vitamins, proteins and popular brands of cookies and snacks. For instance, we provide excellent smoothies to our customers. Most importantly, our clients earn shack points that can earn rewards when they purchase or use our products.




The storeprovides gasp clothing from Sweden including; tops, overcoats made of thin, and flexible fabric covering the body in such a way that one does not have to expose or hide their frame. The 100 percent cotton is easy to treat and handle by hand with an extended durability. We offer a variety of sizes as suited to our customers.


The loose fitting apparel is made in a design that is easy to fit with any size and shape. We source the apparel and accessories from their manufacturers, better bodies sport. These high-end clothing are shipped from their manufactures in Sweden and US to provide unique and custom variety in our stores here.


The line provides for a wide range of bodybuilding and training clothing for both men and women. The brand from which the name has been derived has outstanding performance that spans for over three decades in the business.


The line brand specializes in the provision of bodybuilding, athletics and boxing hoes that are best suited to the specific line of activity of choice. From weighing training to athletic activity, the shoes provide unique comfort and aspects that are desired for the specific sport of choice indulged in by the user. Further, the brand in not available in any other stores around.




Magnum products incorporate fat incinerating components with thermogenic agents and natural stimulants that raise the body temperature resulting in melting of fats. They also have adaptogens that are antioxidants supporting the endocrine and immune system in the course of the process. They thus help in burning fat while reducing stress and strengthening immune defenses in the process.


This line of products provides for raw vitamins and food created nutrients that have been cultivated with a unique code factor. These synergistic compounds, most of which are yet to be discovered provide for proper nutrient delivery and provision of essential elements needed by the body. The daily supplement is good for alleviating heart, prostate, eye, and digestive problems. They are easy once a day use and digestible supplements that are especially good for men.


The strength and endurance training supplement provide the best athlete's choice for pre-workout supplements. As opposed to stimulant formulas, the formula does not hit hard but works from the start to the finish. It thus increases performance effectively and safely thus promoting increased muscular strength and agility while reducing fatigue. The supplement is available in a variety of natural flavors.




The animal brands offer a source of high energy and phytonutrient-rich green super foods from sea and land. They feature products that have been molded into tablet form from raw materials like broccoli, spinach, spirulina, cholera and other lactic flora growth accelerants suitable for growth. The tabs are easy to take as dietary supplements for the users.


The supplement provides processed whey protein that has been hydrolyzed and instantized through a series of processing steps. In the process, lactose and fats have been removed for easy digestion and assimilation. The supplement is thus good in muscle recover and maintenance of positive nitrogen balance critical during periods of intense training. The supplement is available in a variety of food flavors including banana, vanilla, cake and chocolate.


The line provides a safe and healthy way of reducing body fats effectively. The CLA products reduce fats while retaining body mass, an aspect that has been scientifically tested and proved. The component arrests and diverts unused fats to muscles where they are burnt and eliminated from accumulation. In the process, this supplement enhances muscle growth while reducing cholesterol levels thus enhancing immunity.



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